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    Elk Products 106055

    UltraProx Wiegand Reader, 26 Bit
    0 Available

    Elk Products M1BBK2

    Flush Back box, M1KP2 Keypad
    14 Available

    Elk Products M1GKS

    M1 Gold Kit, No Cabinet, M1KP2
    1 Available

    Elk Products M1GSYS3

    M1 Gold Kit, SWB14 Enclosure, No Keypad
    6 Available

    Elk Products M1KAM

    Single Door Access Module
    3 Available

    Elk Products M1KP

    LCD Keypad, 32 Char. 6.875 x 5.25"
    0 Available

    Elk Products M1KP3

    LCD Keypad, Surface 3.97x5.425x1.19
    0 Available

    Elk Products M1KPAS

    LED Arming Station, 1 Gang Decora
    3 Available

    Elk Products M1KPNAV

    Touchscreen, 3.5" Navigator
    11 Available

    Elk Products M1PR

    M1 Keypad Plug-In Proximity Reader
    1 Available

    Elk Products M1TWA

    Amplified Two Way Listen in Interface
    0 Available

    Elk Products SWB14

    14" Structured Wiring Box, Hinged
    3 Available

    Elk Products SWB28

    28" Structured Wiring Box, Hinged
    5 Available

    HAI 23A00-2

    Remote Indoor Temp Sensor, Flush
    0 Available

    HAI 28A00-1

    Speaker Microphone Module, Surface
    0 Available

    HAI 29A00-1

    Thermostat Isolation Module
    0 Available

    HAI 31A00-7

    Extended Range In/Outdoor Temp Sens
    0 Available

    HAI 31A00-8

    Ext Range In/OutdoorTemp/Humid Sens
    0 Available

    HAI 33A00-3

    Flush Mount Kit for 33A001
    0 Available

    HAI 36A00-1

    UPB PIM & Cable
    0 Available

    HAI 36A05-2

    Cable, UPB PIM to PC,DB-9 Connector
    0 Available

    HAI 36A05-4

    Serial Connectivity Cable
    0 Available

    HAI 42A00-2

    Receiver, 64Z Wireless Interlogix Transmitters
    0 Available

    HAI 46A00-1

    3 Zone Door/Window Transmitter that includes a mercury tilt switch for garage doors
    0 Available

    HAI 47A00-2

    Quad Pet Immune PIR, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 48A00-1

    4 Button Keyfob, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 50A00-1

    Panic Alert Pendant, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 56A00-1

    Recessed Door Contact, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 57A00-1

    Vanishing D/W Contact,Surface, W/L
    0 Available

    HAI 58A00-1

    Mini Door/Window Contact, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 60A00-1

    15A UPB Plug-In Load Control Module
    0 Available

    HAI 61A00-1

    Glass Break Window Sensor, Wireless
    0 Available

    HAI 74A00-1

    Lumina Gateway Wireless Automation Hub

    0 Available

    HAI 99A00-2

    OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen, Black
    0 Available

    HAI 99A10-1

    Trim Ring for Omni Touchscreen, White
    0 Available

    Lutron LMJ-CCO1-24-B

    RF CCO Module, Dry Contact
    2 Available

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