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    180ยบ HD Camera
    0 Available VACC-DB-A

    Digital Doorbell Adapter

    Special Order
    0 Available VC726

    Indoor/Outdoor Mini Bullet

    Discontinued - A Possible Replacement would be a VC727P
    0 Available VC736

    Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera, 1080p, 4mm
    0 Available VC836

    Indoor/Outdoor Turret Camera
    0 Available

    Altronix ALTV2416300ULCB3

    24/28VAC,12.5A/10A, 16 Out, UL
    0 Available

    Altronix ALTV244ULCB-3

    24/28VAC, 3.5A/3A, 4 Out, UL, Cord
    1 Available

    Altronix ALTV248175ULCB3

    24/28VAC, 7A/6.25A, 8 Out, UL,Cord
    1 Available

    Altronix EBRIDGE100RMT

    Ethernet Adapter, Coax over CAT5E
    2 Available

    Altronix EBRIDGE1PCRT

    Ethernet Adapter, PoE over Coax Kit

    Special Order
    0 Available

    Altronix NETWAY16M

    16pt Managed Midspans PoE 300W 115VAC
    0 Available

    Altronix NETWAY8M

    8 Port Managed Midspan, PoE, 150W, 115VAC, 1RU, UL Listed
    0 Available

    Altronix SAV182D

    12VDC, 11A, 18 Out, PTC, UL, Cord
    0 Available

    Altronix SAV4D

    12VDC, 5A, 4 Outputs, PTC, UL, Cord
    1 Available

    Altronix SAV9D

    12VDC, 5A, 9 Outputs, PTC, UL, Cord
    2 Available

    Altronix VERTILINE16

    CCTV Power Supply, 16 Fused Outputs, 24/28VAC @ 10A, 115/220VAC, 1U
    0 Available

    Altronix VERTILINE16D

    CCTV Power Supply, 16 PTC Outputs, 24/28VAC @ 10A, 115/220VAC, 1U
    0 Available

    Altronix VERTILINE16DI

    CCTV Power Supply, 16 PTC Isolated Outputs, 24/28VAC @ 16A, 115/220VAC, 1U
    0 Available

    Altronix VERTILINE33TD

    CCTV Power Supply, 16 PTC Outputs, 12VDC @ 16A, 1U
    0 Available

    Altronix VERTILINE63D

    Power Supply, 16 PTC Outputs, 24VDC @ 8A, 115VAC, 1U
    0 Available

    Altronix VR1T

    Voltage Requlator, 24VAC/DC to 12VDC
    0 Available

    Altronix WP1

    Outdoor Enclosure, 12" H x 8" W x 6" D
    1 Available

    Altronix WP2

    Outdoor Enclosure, Large 18"H x 15"W x 7"D
    1 Available

    Arlington FLC430

    Cam-Light Mounting Kit

    Special Order
    0 Available

    Azco AZACDC

    Power Converter, 24VAC/DC to 12VDC
    2 Available

    Azco AZBLNGL

    Ground Loop Isolator
    0 Available

    Azco AZD-CCTV

    Decal, Generic CCTV, 10 Pack
    0 Available

    Azco AZPS4CH-UPS

    12VDC, 5A, 4 Channel Power Supply and UPS
    0 Available

    Channel Vision 2105

    F Female To BNC Male Connector
    22 Available

    Channel Vision 2108

    BNC Double Female Connector
    37 Available

    Channel Vision 2120

    BNC T, (2) Female, (1) Male
    8 Available

    Channel Vision 2127

    BNC Male To RCA Female Connector
    16 Available

    Channel Vision 2129

    BNC F To RCA M Connector
    107 Available

    Digital Watchdog DWC-B7553WTIR

    5MP, UHD Coax, Bullet, 4mm,WDR
    0 Available

    Digital Watchdog DWC-B8553TIR

    5MP, UHD Coax, Bullet, 2.8mm
    0 Available

    Digital Watchdog DWC-B8563TIR

    5MP, UHD Coax, Bullet, 2.8-12mm
    0 Available


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