Leviton Technical Bulletin: Omni Notifier 20A30-1

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: OMNI NOTIFIER 20A30-1 Recently, some mail service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo have ceased support for SSLv3, utilized by the Omni Notifier for sending email messages. This can cause notifications to cease being delivered as intended. Leviton recommends using a third party SMTP service that allows non-SSL/TLS communications to replace the customer’s

Leviton S&A – Integrating Omni and BitWise

Leviton is proud to announce the integration of Omni security & automation systems into BitWise AV Controllers. Main Bullets: Omni Integration into BitWise Control Systems OmniTouch 7 graphical elements (icons) now available in “HTX” graphics package, allowing custom screens via BitWise Project Editor Intercom for BitWise systems (OmniTouch 7 to OmniTouch 7) Project Editor Software