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New Interlogix TruVision Activation Procedure

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Interlogix is continually looking to strengthen the cyber security in their TruVision cameras and recorders.  Part of this effort has led them to require activation of their new products rather using the traditional default user name and password.  By eliminating the default user name and password completely, hackers are not able to use these in an attempt to take over products and use them as part of a bot network.  While it is important to note that Interlogix is not aware of any breach to the security in their devices, they will continue to make changes to keep their products secure.

TruVision Device Manager Screen Shot

TruVision Device Manager Screen Shot

Activation Video Tutorial

The first devices to incorporate this feature are the new motorized bullets and domes (TVB/TVD-5305/5306).  Take a look at this video to quickly see how to activate the new cameras and get them programmed into the TruVision recorders.


The basics of the activation are as follows:

  • Connect to the camera(s) using Device Manager (Download)
  • Select the camera(s) you need to Activate and Click on Modify Network Parameters
  • Select the camera(s) again and Type a password in the bottom right of Device Manager to activate
  • Once activated, give the camera(s) a new IP address in the subnet you require
  • Manually learn the cameras into the recorder with the IP address and Password from the previous steps

It is a good idea to become familiar with Device Manager and this procedure as I believe all new Interlogix TruVision devices will be requiring this activation.  As always, give us a call (425.454.9900 or shoot us an e-mail (sales@grouponenw.com) if you have any questions.  If you are out of the area and would like additional training on this or other topics, let us know and we can work on setting up a web training class.

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