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Interlogix TruVision IP – Updating Firmware

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TruVision Camera-Recorder Firmware

As with any IP/computer based products, Interlogix will occasionally release new firmware for their TruVision IP cameras and recorders.  Current firmware is available on the individual product pages of their website,  While updating firmware can seem daunting at times, walking through the steps for the TruVision devices is actually quite easy.  We have put together a couple of videos to help you follow along.  There are two different methods for updating the camera firmware, using Device Manager or the browser interface.

Updating Firmware Using Device Manager:

Using Device Manager is a great way to update multiple cameras at once, however, your computer needs to be on the same physical network as the cameras, it will not work through routers.  Because of this limitation, you are not able to use this method to update the firmware of cameras that are plugged into the POE ports on a TVN10 recorder (unless you plug your computer into one of those ports on the back of the recorder as well).

Updating Firmware Using the browser interface:

Using the browser interface is also an easy way to update firmware.  One advantage to this method is that you don’t need any specific software so you could use a clients workstation to perform the update.  Also, using the built-in pass through ports on the TVN10 recorders (65001, 65002, 65003, etc.) you are able to update cameras that are plugged into the POE ports with out being physically plugged into any of those ports.  One disadvantage is that you are only able to update one camera/recorder at a time.

These videos should be enough to guide you through the process, but if you still have questions, send us an e-mail – or give us a call at 425.454.9900.  If you have any other tech questions about the Interlogix TruVision products let us know and we can try and help you out on individual basis or, who knows, maybe we will make another video!

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