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Interlogix SDX-135Z : Technical Note

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TECHNICAL NOTE:  Learning SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors on Interlogix panels

The SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors transmit multiple tamper signals when removed from the base; this will have different results depending on the panel these are being learned into.
The SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors send the smoke/heat sensor information first, followed by the freeze sensor information.



Recommended process for learning into various panels:
Simon XT/XTi/XT5: Learn in each sensor individually. When learning the freeze sensor you will briefly see an “Error SN exists” message on the screen then the sensor will learn in.
Concord 4: Select group 29 when programming. Sensors will learn in one after the other. The smoke/heat sensor will learn as normally open, the freeze sensor will learn as normally closed. Change the sensor group for the first sensor (smoke) to 26.
NX Series: If the receiver is programmed to auto advance it will learn the sensors in order. If auto advance is not turned on learn in the sensors one at a time, smoke first then freeze. The freeze requires that input options 1 and 2 be turned on (Bits 4 and 5 on E receivers, bits 2 and 3 on non-E receivers.)
Ultrasync: Learn in each sensor individually. After learning the freeze sensor turn on “Disable Internal Reed” for the freeze zone.

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