Interlogix Password Reset How-to

Forgot your Interlogix TruVision password?  Here’s how to reset it:

With Interlogix moving to an activation process rather than having default user names and passwords, the cameras and recorders have become much more protected against various cyber-security threats.  While that is good news, the bad news is that sometimes we just can’t remember the passwords that we have setup for the different devices.

If you forget your password, don’t fret. The process for resetting the password takes a little bit of time, and you do need to talk to tech support, but it is pretty straight forward and simple.

Getting Started

To start the process you will need to have a computer on the network loaded with Device Manager 8. Device Manager 8 is available inside of TruVision Navigator 8.0 or as a standalone software product. Start the program and click on “Device Discovery.”

Find the Actions Menu

Once you have found your device using the Device Discovery tool, select it and click on the 9-tile icon in the top right of the window. This is your actions menu so you want to find and click on the tile labelled “Reset Password.”

Export Reset File

This will bring up a window for exporting and importing an XML file.  The old method for resetting your password was to call tech support and hope that your phone line was good, that you didn’t have a cold or an accent, and read a 20-30 character number to the tech support person, hoping they understood you, and then repeat the process from them to you.  Now all you need to do is export a very small XML file by clicking the “Export Reset File” button (go figure…), call tech support (800.286.8889) to tell them you need to reset a password and that you have an XML file, get the e-mail address from the tech and send it off.

Apply the New Password

The tech will get your e-mail, plug it into their magic box, and come up with a return XML file that they will send back to you.  As a security measure, when they send you the return XML file you have a limited amount of time to import that back into the device to reset the password.  In this same window, you just browse to the new XML file type in what you would like your new password to be – twice, and click “Apply.”

A valid password range must be between 8 and 16 characters. You can use a combination of numbers, lower and upper case letters, and special characters : _ – , . * & @ / $ ? Space. The password must contain characters from at least two of these groups.

All done! Now next time write you password down on a Post-It note and stick it on the NVR – (just kidding, really, don’t!).

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